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Acupressure for Fertility

Acupressure was discovered over thousands years ago in Ancient China,
and it is still widely used today. Rooted in the centuries-old principles of
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and validated by modern research,
acupressure involves applying pressure to specific points on the body that
flow along meridians to improve blood flow in the body and to foster the
body’s vital life force (also known as “chi”). Acupressure works to
increase fertility in male and female patients by targeting body points that
lay major roles in reproductive health. In particular the treatment focuses
on the liver, spleen, urinary bladder, ovaries, uterus kidneys and fallopian
tubes. Acupressure works to increase fertility by

  • ·        Releasing stress and anxiety
  • ·        Promoting blood flow to ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes and all organs related to reproduction
  • ·        Restoring hormonal balance
  • ·        Increasing sperm health (quantity and quality) in men
  • ·        Improving the success rate of IVF IUI procedures
  • ·        Decreasing the potential negative side effects of fertility/IVF medications

How fertility Acupressure is performed in our clinic

In our clinic, acupressure treatment is performed by Register Massage Therapists (RMT) and instructed by our
chief acupuncture practitioners with 30 years acupuncture and acupressure practise experience.

When you first set up an appointment in our clinic, our chief acupuncture practitioner will give you a
comprehensive consultation to find out your individual under pattern condition and then decide which acu-points
combination to select to achieve the best result by release the stagnant in certain meridian and/or boost certain
deficient organs. During your menstrual cycle and different stage of IUI or IVF cycle, the acu-points selected and
manipulations applied may be different to address different issue because there are hundreds of different
acupressure points that tap into all different parts of the body.