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Our chief practitioners have more than 30 years teaching hospital and clinic experience to treat
thousands of asthma patients effectively. The remarkable effectiveness of TCM on treatment of asthma
has been proved and confirmed with clinical trials in world wide.

In Chinese medicine, asthma is caused by excessive Phlegm resulting from weakened Spleen and
Kidney, the two main organs responsible for the processing of body liquids. Chinese medicine
distinguishes two general patterns of asthma:

  • Excess pattern—presents with most of acute asthma, phlegm storages in the Lung
  • Deficiency pattern—presents with most of chronic asthma, which includes deficiency of             

        Lung, Spleen and Kidney Qi.

In our clinic, we saw most of patients with symptoms showing an Excess condition as their underlying
conditions were deficient, which became more complicated.

The treatment principle for the Excess pattern is to dissolve Phlegm whereas for the Deficiency pattern
the priority is to strengthen and tonify the weakened Qi (the body’s vital energy). Allergic conditions
such as asthma and hay fever are due to autoimmune problems- a weakened or over-sensitive immune
system makes one more susceptible to pathogenic factors like pollen and other allergens. Treatment
for asthma, therefore focuses on regulating the immune system and one’s body defensive Qi.

The effectiveness of acupuncture are cumulative. After a series of treatments, most of patients noticed
the reduction of the frequency and severity of attacks. Applying proper acupuncture points combination
and techniques also has the effect of strengthening one’s body constitution and overall health at same

Together, acupuncture and herbal remedies provide a powerful treatment option for patients with
asthma. Treatment must first and foremost be based upon your individual diagnostic pattern. Thus A
comprehensive consultation is a must in order to find what your individual underlying condition is and
then create a effective individualized treatment strategy.

Based on our rich clinical experience over 30 years, we have created many unique herbal formulas to
treat asthma patients with different underlying conditions.