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TCM Solutions for Blood Disorders

Blood in Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) has a different meaning than in Western medicine.
Blood is itself a form of
Qi, a very dense and material one, but Qi nevertheless. Moreover, Blood is
inseparable from Qi itself, Qi infuses life into Blood.

Blood is derived mostly from the Food-Qi produced by the Spleen. The Spleen sends Food-Qi
upwards to the Lungs, and through the pushing action of Lung-Qi, this is sent to the Heart, where it is
transformed into Blood-this is one aspect of the principle that the Heart governs Blood.

The transformation of Food-Qi into Blood is aided by the Original Qi. The Kidneys are the source of
Original Qi and also kidneys store Essence which produces Marrow: this, in turn, generates bone
marrow which contributes to making Blood.

Blood Function
Nourishing the body complements the nourishing action of Qi. It also has a moistening function, which
Qi does not have. The Blood ensures that body tissues do not dry out.
Another important function is
that Blood provides the material foundation for the Mind. It is part of Yin.

Blood Pathology
1. Blood deficiency
Blood can be deficient when not enough is produced. This is mostly caused by Spleen Qi

2. Blood Heat
Blood can be hot. This is mostly due to Liver-Heat.

3. Blood stasis
The Blood can fail to move properly and stagnate. This may be caused by stagnation of Qi ( mostly of the
Liver ), by Heat, or by Cold.

How We Treat Blood Disorders
Chinese medicine seeks to restore balance to the body. Therefore, the practitioner begins by doing a
Chinese medical diagnosis to determine the patient’s individualized pattern of disharmony even with the
same problem by Western medicine sense to discriminate what pathology,  which needs the
practitioner’s rich knowledge and clinical experience to do the right discrimination. As with all TCM
treatments, however, a proper diagnostic pattern must be established before treatment will be

Based on the individualized pattern diagnosis, the practitioner will then craft a personalized treatment plan
encompassing all aspects of the patient’s life. No matter whether your practitioner primarily uses acupuncture
or Chinese herbal medicine or some combination of both, their focus will be on eliminating the root imbalance
which is causing your problem.

There are thousands of clinical research papers to support the positive result in treating different blood
disorders in China and other nations. Following links are only some of examples of clinical research.

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