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Facial Paralysis and Facial Spasm

According to the theories of Chinese medicine, this illness follows patterns of imbalance associated with Qi
(vital energy), certain organs and energetic qualities of the body leading to facial spasm or paralysis. This
condition responds extremely well to Chinese medicine/acupuncture because Chinese medical therapies
treat energetic imbalances in the body.

In our clinic, we found following patterns are quite common:

  • Qi Constraints
  • Blood stasis
  • Qi Deficiency especially Defensive Qi low (deficient immune system)
  • Wind-Cold or Wind-Heat toxin and further Phlegm toxin

External pathogens like Wind-Cold or Wind-Heat toxin invade the Yang channels and collaterals to attack
your facial nerves and sinews in the face. Qi and blood are blocked, impeding the muscles’ ability to relax
and contract.

We address the symptoms and its underlying causes. Our strategy is to

  1. Resolve the Constraints and expel the Wind, Cold/Heat toxin
  2. Treat any underlying factors contributing to the development of Qi Constraints, Blood Stasis
  3. Invigorate Qi and blood flow to nourish muscle and tendons
  4. Strengthen your Defensive Qi
  5. Boost your own healing power to help the damaged nerves heal faster.

The power of Chinese medicine is in a personalized treatment. Therefore A comprehensive consultation is a
must in order to find what your underlying causes are and then decide what acu-points to select to make
right customized acupuncture treatment.

You are always best served in our clinic.  Our chief practitioners have more than 30 years clinical experience.
They can help you the most with their high capability to give you a right diagnosis and differentiate your
underlying causes.

The more frequent the treatments, the more quickly the patient will respond and the more likely recovery will
be complete. Every other day is ideal, at least in the first couple weeks.

Research Papers

Clinical Research Paper # 1
Comparison of Therapeutic Effect of Acupuncture and Moxibustion on Three Types of
Peripheral Facial Paralysis

Clinical Research Paper # 2
Clinical Observation on 40 Cases of Peripheral Facial Paralysis Treated with Wrist-Ankle

Clinical Research Paper # 3
Observation on Therapeutic Effect of Chronic Facial Spasm with Hanging-needling
Acupuncture Therapy