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High FSHNatural Therapies – Acupuncture & Herbal Remedies


FSH means follicle stimulating hormone, the hormone released by the pituitary gland which stimulates the
growth of follicles and has a role in the maturation of oocytes.
High FSH indicates low ovarian reserve and significantly lower pregnancy chances with IVF because fertility
specialists predicts such patient’s ovaries would poorly respond to the hormone stimulating drugs and produce
not enough eggs to retrieval. Regardless of the cause, Western medicine generally does very little  to help it
except trying DHEA orally for a few month..

TCM is one of the most effective treatment methods for high FSH. In our clinic, we saw the majority of cases
with Kidney Yin deficiency companied with Liver Qi constraint and/or Spleen Qi deficiency and/or Blood
deficiency, but some of case is Kidney Yang deficiency companied with other differentiation patterns.


In our clinic, high FSH is one of most complaints with our fertility concern patients, age ranging from early
20th to late 40th, majority of them had failed IUI and/or IVF previously. With our proper individualized
acupuncture and herbal remedy treatments, most of our clients with high FSH could see positive result within
three month of treatments. Some of them with lowed FSH went back IVF or IUI treatments along with
acupuncture support through the way got pregnant successfully. And a few of them have got pregnant
naturally only our natural therapies. As always not every one can get pregnant but a improved general health
and a peace of mind. None of the reasonable health care professionals could promise a guarantied
therapeutic result.

Our strategy of treating high FSH is to restore ovarian energy through addressing the underlying conditions
and increasing blood, nutrient and Energy (Qi) supply to the uterus and ovaries making them more energetic
and function better. Once the ovarian energy is better then the FSH level would be going down.
Acupuncture, herbal remedies, nutritional, and proper mind-body excesses approaches are all about bringing
ones body back into its natural balance. Rather than a forceful override, we use acupuncture, herbs, foods,
and mind-body exercises to gently adjust the body’s intrinsic hormonal pathways to let its innate healing
systems handle the situation.

The power of Chinese medicine is in a personalized treatment. For example, you and your friend might both
suffer from High FSH but have it treated two different ways with TCM. Therefore a comprehensive
consultation and assessment is necessary in order to find what your individual under pattern conditions are
and then decide what acu-points to select and which acupuncture techniques to apply, what herbs to mix up
to create a unique customized acupuncture treatment plan and herbal remedies to achieve effective and
quick treatment results.


You are always best served in our clinic.  Our chief practitioners have more than 30 years clinical experience
to treat different infertility conditions with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. They can help you the
most with their rich knowledge and experience to give you a accurate pattern differentiation and employ the
best treatment strategy.