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Research on Male Infertility

Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Page 33-35 Vol.41 No. 1 January 2000

Clinical and Experimental Studies on 180 cases of Male Infertility Treated with the
Herbal Remedy
Zeng Jinxiong, Dai Xihu, Yang jiahui, et al.
Received on Dec. 29, 1998: Revised and received on June 30, 1999
Author’s address: Fuzhou Dongfang Hospital, Fuzhou 350025

In order to further probe into the therapeutic effect and mechanisms of the herbal remedy for
treatment of male infertility. 180 patients were investigated. Results showed that the prescription
had reliable therapeutic effect with no side-effect, and the effective rate was 93.89%. Effects of the
herbal remedy on human sperm mobility, index of vitality, capillary penetrativity test and sperm
hypotonic expansion test were analysed for the application in improving the seminal quality of male
infertility patients in culture of human sperm with extract of the herbal remedy. The results revealed
that it could promote mobility and membrane function of sperm. Thus, it is of application value for
treatment of male infertility and in Assisted reproductive Techniques as extrinsic additive.

Key words: Infertility, Male/ TCM therapy, Herbal remedy