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Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
Benign enlargement of the prostate (BEP)
Chronic prostatitis

BPH involves hyperplasia of prostatic stromal and epithelial cells, resulting in the formation of nodules in the
periurethral region of the prostate, causing partial obstruction of the urethra, leading to symptoms of urinary
hesitancy, frequent urination and increased risk of urinary tract infections and urinary retention.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, benign prostatic hyperplasia is caused by Kidney Yin and/or Yang
deficiency and Spleen deficiency, which results in accumulation of heat and damp in urinary bladder.
Therefore the principle of treating enlarged prostate is to support the functions of Kidney and Spleen
systems, and expel the accumulated damp and heat toxin in urinary bladder.

Based on meridian classification the three Foot Yin channels, Spleen-Tai Yin, Kidney-Shao Yin, Liver-Jue
Yin and Du and Ren meridians are related to the prostate. The extraordinary channels including the Yin Qiao,
Yang Wei and Dai Mai are also important. In addition, the paired channels and organs of the three Foot Yin
channels may also be affected. Based on the combination of meridian and organ pathology, acupuncture,
Chinese herbal medicine and Qi gong could all be used to treat conditions of the prostate by coursing the
free flow of  Qi, eliminating stagnation, assisting kidney yin and yang, draining pathological factors including
damp toxin, heat toxin and cold toxin and strengthening defensive energy of the prostate and body.

Prof. Sun and Prof. Zhen have been practising Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat and help thousands
benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)/benin enlargement of the prostate (BEP) and Chronic prostatitis in 30
years in teaching hospital of Beijing University of  Chinese Medicine and in their pravite clinic. Their
treatment programs with Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, TCM dietary therapy, Qigong energy
exercise, acupressue/shiastu, auricular therapy/ear press are very successful in treating benign prostatic
hyperplasia (BPH)/benin enlargement of the prostate (BEP) and chronic prostatitis.

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